Sunshine Goldendoodles
Puppies are here!!  Mea gave birth to seven beautiful puppies, four girls and three boys.  These sweet puppies all have wonderful forever homes!

Sunshine Goldendoodles understands that pets are members of the family.  We strive to breed quality puppies that will bring joy and love to you and your family.  We breed F1B goldendoodles raised with love and care. 

Goldendoodles are a hybrid combining the best qualities of two beloved breeds, the golden retriever and the poodle.  They are excellent family dogs that will bring happiness to you and all you love for many years.  They make wonderful indoor dogs because of their low or non-shedding coats (coats vary), but love spending time with their families outdoors and in the water.  These dogs are obedient, loyal, playful, and extremely loveable.

Mea's 2014 Litter

Snow Day Nap in Our Pack-n-Play : )

So Cute!

Mea's 2013 Litter

Chillin' and Relaxin'

One Week Old

Mea's 2011 Litter

One Week Old

Puppies' First Meal (No silly, not off of your sister!)

Mea's 2010 Litter

                          "A Basket Full of Happy"
                                  Puppys' First Meal!!  (Macy thought it was delicious!)
                                                                   Four Weeks Old

Puppies as they grow...
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